PMI Michigan Thumb Chapter

Strategic Goals



Vision: Leverage and contribute to worldwide excellence in the practice of project management to the professionals/leaders in the Michigan Thumb area, through effective and innovative communications of standards and best practices that are widely recognized and consistently applied.

Mission: To embrace various state-of-the-art approaches to project management to promote and share the most useful and relevant techniques, procedures, and theory regarding how project management can enhance project performance.

1) Chapter Events
2) Career Development
3) Member Communications
4) Member Benefits


  • Build Relationships with Members and the Community by Increasing Membership Communication
  • Gain Members Interest and Obtain New Members through Maximizing Membership Benefits
  • Improve Membership Attendance to Chapter Events by Enhancing Educational Opportunities


  1. We believe by showing appreciation to members through celebrating, connecting and engaging with them during meetings; will result in increased attendence to meetings. We will know we are successful when meeting attendance increases by 10% over 2021 average attendance. 
  2. We believe by offering a special discount each quarter above the normal MTC10 will result in chapter membership benefits and increased revenue. We will know we are successful when 3 or more registered classes were registered under savings code in 2022.
  3. We believe by improving our digitial space will result in chapter engagement and increase benefits to members. We will know we are successful when…Increase the number of engagements through all digital channels by 5% from 2021 engagements.
  4. We believe conducting a chapter food drive will result in Social Good for the community & engage members. We will know we are successful when…we raised 100# 2022.
  5. We believe by offering different times & settings for chapter engagement will result in more members & non members to engage in networking opportunities and improve educational options. We will know we have succeeded when annual average meeting attendance has increased by 10%.
  6. We believe by engaging with other chapters will result in increased non member participation to events. We will know we have succeeded when…meeting attendance from non chapter members has increased by 5% on average.